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Compare Carpets & Hardfloors laminate flooring is available in diverse styles that replicate hardwood for a much lower cost

Laminate floors are one of the most aesthetic and functional flooring materials on the market today for homeowners. The laminate choices are close to unlimited in styles and colors. Every type of wood grain or stone pattern and ‘look’ layout can be replicated, laminated on a backing, and then sliced into planks or strips of various sizes and widths that will suit each room in any home. Thereafter, they can be quickly installed by the well-trained and experienced installation team at Compare Carpets & Hardfloors. Thanks to newly developed manufacturing methods, homeowners can even obtain laminate flooring with a wood scraped or antique appearance for that was formerly available only in hardwood flooring. We also provide the latest COREtec® and COREtec-plus® 100% waterproof and pet-accident proof laminate.

Hardwood vs laminate

Laminate wood styles can precisely duplicate the ‘look’ of traditional hardwood flooring. However, are a lot stronger and more resilient. They are also more affordable than hardwood flooring when it comes to the cost of the flooring material and professional installation. For these reasons, and others, many homeowners are now replacing their hardwood floors with laminates when their hardwood flooring becomes damaged from flooding or damage caused by termites. When professionally installed, there is no noticeable difference between hardwood and the new laminate flooring to the average observer. There are three laminate flooring installation methods in popular use today. Each one of these can be quickly installed. However, method offers specific benefits:

  • Glued flooring necessitates that all joints be glued at the job site and set in place as fast as possible. This is easily accomplished be our professional installation team and will deliver the best quality completed installation depending on where you want your new floor to be installed.
  • Pre-glued flooring is coated with an adhesive at the factory before delivery to the installation site. It does require that every piece of laminate flooring be moistened at their joints, permitted to sit in place for a short time and then quickly installed. This method of laminate installation causes less mess to be cleaned up than with glued flooring.
  • Glueless flooring (also called click flooring) is the lowest cost flooring in terms of material price and installation cost. It is cut in a manner that allows each piece to connect or clicks into place with the strips of laminate that surround it in each room. This ensures a strong and resilient surface.
  • Regardless of the installation method you decide upon, make sure that it includes underpadding. This can be put in place and custom cut on site to fit each room, or, it can be attached directly to each strip of laminate flooring at the factory before being shipped to the installation site. This underpadding delivers additional sound reduction and cushioning, exactly like a carpet pad does.
Wood look laminate floors in Norco CA from Compare Carpets & Hardfloors
If you are installing a new laminate floor in an area like a laundry room or mud room that is likely to experience above average moisture, you need to make certain that your installer put an underlayment in place first. This thin plastic layer of underlayment will provide a barrier to keep moisture from reaching underneath your new laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is considerably more affordable than hardwood or stone flooring. In addition, it is much quicker to install and leaves less mess and disruption to your family’s home.

Compare Carpets & Hardfloors provides and professionally installs laminate and other quality flooring materials for homeowners in Norco, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Corona, Eastvale and other California Inland Empire communities.

For additional information, phone us, e-mail us, or stop in to our Norco, CA showroom to discuss your interest in laminate flooring and view samples with one of our experienced flooring consultants.

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