Homeowners with carpet flooring know that after a few months, vacuuming doesn’t get the floor quite as clean as it used to. The dirt gets trapped deep in the fibers, odors linger, and stubborn stains get worse with age. Choosing a carpet cleaning service for a deeper, longer lasting clean is definitely the way to go! Each carpet floor needs to be evaluated and treated on a case by case basis. This means that your carpet will always receive the best care.
You can extend the life of your floors by decades by removing the abrasive dirt that collects on the surface. This dirt can weaken your carpet’s fibers or damage the backing if it is left to build up. This is because it creates friction as the pressure from foot traffic rubs the dirt particles in further. Leftover particles can also be responsible for foul odors and mold or mildew growth. Mold and mildew spores can travel to other areas of the home and cause headaches, breathing problems, and other ailments. Families with pets can also see the benefits in having their carpet professionally cleaned. Pets can track in mud on their paws or leave stains from accidents inside. Dander from their fur can also get caught in the carpet fibers, causing allergy flare-ups.

Using a specialized sterilizing treatment, carpet cleaning experts can remove any contaminants from the carpet. They can identify weak spots where the fibers have worn down and recommend ways to protect them. Our methods are adjusted based on the condition of your carpet and the dyes, fibers, and pile it is made with. The color of your flooring will never look faded or bleached. Instead, we will leave your carpet looking more vibrant than before. You can also choose to use our preventative care services. Your carpets can be treated with a stain resistant seal to prevent future spots and make daily cleaning easier. Your floors can even be treated with moisture repellent seals so that there is a reduced chance of mold or mildew growing. The result is a stronger, more beautiful carpet that smells fresh and looks great.   

Caring for your carpets can be difficult if you have never owned this type of floor covering before. Between trying not to damage the coloring with the wrong cleaners or using the wrong scrubbing method, there are more ways to damage your carpet than there are to clean it. We provide information to all customers on how to best care for the type of carpet flooring that they have. This ensures that their carpet floors will last twice as long and maintain their good looks for the duration of their lifespan.

Although we don't offer carpet cleaning services and we can provide you with trustworthy local companies that we refer to that use safe, non-toxic cleaning methods to keep your family safe and comfortable. Or we can come out and take a look to see if a full carpet replacement would be necessary. For all of your flooring needs come to Compare Carpets and Hard Floors conveniently in Norco, CA - or call us today at (951) 371-7717 / (888) 902-6650 and we can get an appointment scheduled for you.