Here are some facts you should know about carpet.  There are 2 types : polyester & nylon, lets leave out wool and olefin for a later time. Poly is typically less expensive, generally softer to the touch, and holds up better to sunlight and fading.  Nylon is much stronger, typically a bit more expensive, and is more likely than poly to fade from direct sunlight.  One of the first questions we will ask is " do you have stairs " ?  If you do, we are going to let you know that Poly will crush and matt in high traffic areas like stairs and hallways.  Depending on the number of people in the house, that may take 3,4,5 years, but it will happen. With Nylon you can expect the carpet to resist crushing for 8 - 10 yrs in a high traffic area, which is when we want you to change the carpet out anyway. The reason is that no matter which professional carpet cleaning company you use, they can't clean the pad. Spills and pet "accidents" soak down through the carpet backing and into the pad, often resulting in foul odors. Some of the manufactures like Shaw, Tuftex, and Phenix have recently added new product lines just for this reason. Compare Carpets & Hardfloors inc is proud to offer the full line of Pet-Protect which is a Stain Master yarn used in  Tuftex and Phenix carpets, and  Life Happens from Shaw, which uses a R2X Anso yarn but adds a water-proof thermoplastic backing which prevent "liquids" from reaching the pad. 
    Our mission is to match you with the right floor. If you are selling your home, we will advise you to look at a light multi-color Poly that "shows well" but is budget friendly. The new buyer may want hardfloors or a particular type of carpet.  If you have a family of 5 with 3 indoor pets, we're going to suggest a product like Life Happens.
   If you are looking for a loop carpet, we're going to ask if you have pets. Their nails will snag a loop carpet and damage it.  Certain styles of carpet really show foot prints and vacuum tracks, where others do not. These are the little things to keep in mind when shopping for carpet.  The who, what, when, and why is the key here.  How many people and pets are in the home?  How long do you expect the carpet to perform ?  What areas of the home will be carpeted ?  Why carpet vs hard floor ?  
    Carpet is a very "American" thing.  Hardfloors are more popular throughout the world and the debate goes on as to which type of floor is the "healthiest".  Americans love the cozy warm feel of carpet and we don't expect that to change anytime soon. We also love our pets and treat them like family. The time has finally come that we have options for our customers will indoor pets.